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WEEK 3 (17 January 2022)



What do you do with ‘Good News’? Think of a time you received good news and what you did with it. This week we read about The Good News brought to some very frightened witnesses by heavenly messengers. Think about this - “Why is the Birth of Jesus the Good News?”






1. In the first few verses, what & why is Dr Luke sharing about the political and historical facts of the times?

2. In verses 4-7, what new things do we learn about Joseph and Mary? What different emotions might have experienced, especially Mary?

3. Were these Shepherds poor?  Do a little research? (Some hints below*) Looking at verses 8-14, why do you think God chose these shepherds to be the first ones to hear the good news of the birth of Jesus?

4. In verse 10, the angel talks about “good news of great joy for all people.” What three ways is Jesus described in verse 11? Why is this “good news”? What did it mean to the shepherds? What do these words mean to you?

5. In verses 15-17, what do the shepherds do after the angels left? What have they become?  Think back to the day you first heard the Good News. Did you want to tell others about this Good News?  Are you still a ‘Witness’ today?




Put yourself into the feet of the shepherds. What did the shepherds experience that left them glorifying and praising God (verse 20)? Is there anything in your life or experience right now for which you can praise God? Is there anything you are thankful for? (Journal)

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