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Engaging Doctor Luke

January 2022

24 January 


Defining moments and purposes of life - these are what we look for & what we will remember at the end of our lives. Today we look at two senior citizens. They seemed to know how to live life with power and purpose, with that defining moment of being witnesses to Jesus.





1. How are Simeon (verse 25) and Anna (verse 36-37) described?  What do you think a person with “the Holy Spirit resting on” him look like? How were they similar? What was their response after encountering Jesus?

2. How do you think Simeon felt when he saw Jesus?  How did you feel when you first encountered Jesus?

3. Simeon’s song in verses 29-32 speaks of the salvation that is brought by Jesus.  What does this song tell us about who Jesus is, to Israel & the Gentiles?

4. Consider Simeon’s prophecy in verses 34-35. Why is there a resistance to the Gospel even today?

5 In verse 38, what were two things Anna did immediately when see met Jesus? Who else in Luke 2 had the same response? When you first encountered Jesus, what was your response?  Why?



What are the characteristics of those who genuinely seek after Jesus? When they meet him, what would their response be? How do Simeon and Anna help you as you think about living your life with meaning & purpose until the very end?

Why Am I Here?

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