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What is the Bible? A Collection of good moral teaching? The Word of God? Write One Sentence (in your Journal) what the Bible means to you.

READING Luke 4:16-30



In Today’s Reading,  Jesus read from the only Scripture of His time (we call it the Old Testament). Jesus used the Scriptures as a Witness to his identity and gave a radical twist on its interpretation.

1. In Jesus’ day, the synagogue was a place a distinguished visitor was asked to read the Scripture and comment on it (no pastors or preachers). Why do you think Luke put such an emphasis on Jesus’ reading of this Scripture in Isaiah?

2. The Scripture Jesus read, verses 18-19, is a quote from Isaiah 61:1-2. As Jesus applies this to himself, what was he anointed by the Spirit to do? Consider what the following means:

• What is the good news that is going to the poor?

• Who are the captives that will be released? What do you think this means for the people then, and for our world today?

• Who are the blind, then and now?

• Who are the oppressed, then and now? What would freedom mean for them?

3. In verse 21, Jesus made a proclamation.  Verse 22 - how did the audience respond and why?

4. Why were they “filled with wrath” (verse 28), after hearing Jesus in verses 23 - 27? (Read 1 Kings 17:1-24 and 2 Kings 5:1-14. What did Zarephath & Naaman have in common?)

5. Jesus was very serious about the authority of the Scriptures - they bore witness to Him. What in this passage was surprising or intriguing for you? Why?



How does the emphasis on Jesus’ love for sinners, the outcast, and the blind apply to you? Who are the poor, captive, blind, or oppressed people on your school or in your neighbourhood or at work? What can you do to show Jesus’ love to them?

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