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What do you do when a true prophet of God foretells you the road ahead?  If what is ahead is not pleasant, how will you act; what will you do?  Learn from Paul today, a lesson of faith and obedience.



1. Acts 21:1-16. Name the people who told Paul not to travel to Jerusalem.  From this passage, what can we understand about receiving prophetic word for ourselves? (Refer to Acts 20:22-24)

2. When Paul pressed on to Jerusalem, how did the disciples in Tyre & Caesarea respond?  How does Paul’s reply in v13 inspire you? 

3. Acts 21:17-26. What was the purpose of Paul’s return to Jerusalem?  Compare the reception he received from the Church Elders, and the Jews who had arrived from Asia.  Why were the Jews angry with Paul?

4.  Acts 21:20-21 tells us that thousands of Jews were misinformed

about Paul’s actions. Were the accusations made against Paul

true?  What does this teach us about the information we receive, especially today with the many ways information and news can reach us?

5. Acts 21:37-40.  By speaking Greek to the Roman Commander, what did Paul do to help himself?  Why did he choose to speak to the people in Aramaic?  (Think about this – if you are going back to your ancestral hometown, would you not speak in your dialect, if you could? Why?)


The prophetic gifting has not ceased. So, what do you do when a prophetic word is given to you?  How will you process it?  How did Paul process it?  The key to this answer is found in Acts 20:22-24.  The key is Paul’s life in Christ Jesus.  Examine Paul’s life through the Book of Acts, and all of his letters and discover the wonders of a truly born again Disciple of Jesus Christ.

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