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MAY 2022

23 MAY


Think about a witness to an accident or in a court.  What is his responsibility?  What then does it mean for Believers of Jesus Christ to be called Witnesses?



1. Acts 1:1-11. How did Jesus prepare the disciples for his departure?

2. What was in the disciples’  mind when they asked the question in verse 6? (As Jews, what were they expecting of the Messiah?) How did Jesus answer them (verses 7-8)?  Think of the times when you were distracted from God and His Kingdom’s tasks for you.  Was there a reminder from Jesus?  How did you respond? (Journal)

3. Why couldn’t they begin spreading the word of the kingdom of God immediately? (Note: See John 14:16-17, 25-26 for more background.). What gift were they to receive from Jesus (v8) and what was the purpose?

4. If you are standing with the Disciples in v9, how would you have reacted? What do the words of the men in white robes mean to you today?

5. In verse 8 the Disciples were called to be witnesses to Jesus. What does this mean to you personally?


Referring to verse 8, where (who) would be your Jerusalem,  Judaea & Samaria? (write down some names).  Because these people are valuable to Jesus, begin pray for power & courage to be witnesses to each person.  And ask the Holy Spirit to help you begin from where you are,  and then continuing to the ends of the earth.

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