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APRIL 2022



Two criminals, on each side of Jesus.  Two criminals, two requests.  One will be with Him in Paradise, and the other in Hell.  What does it take to join Jesus? 

READING LUKE 23:39-43 (read Chapter 23:26-43 for context)


1. Think about the attitude of both criminals (v 39 - 42).  What was the difference?  What did the 2nd criminal recognize (which the 1st did not)?

2. Each criminal made a request of Jesus. How is one request different from the other?

3. From what the second criminal says to the first criminal and to Jesus, what do you see about his attitude? What feelings does he seem to be conveying? 

What is one-word to describe this?

4. How did Jesus answer the second criminal’s request? What does that tell you about Jesus’ response to people?

5. Think again about the different attitudes displayed by the two criminals. How would you speak to Jesus?  What attitude would you bring to the conversation with Him?


In the face of a hopeless, no-win situation, how did the 2nd criminal bear witness to Jesus? Think of a situation you are facing or have faced before in which the people involved have little hope. How can you be (or were you) a witness to the love and power of Jesus?

RESEARCH - Jesus used the word, “paradise’.  Do a little research as to what Jesus meant.  (Note: The word actually appears only two other times in the New Testament—2 Cor12:4 and Rev 2:7)

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