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JUNE 2022




“…And the truth will set you free…” so says Jesus in John 8:31-32.  Have you been led by the Holy Spirit to do something unusual or radical - like make a truth-full revelation which may be painful to another person? Led by the Spirit, Paul does that and the result is amazing.



1. Acts 13:2-3. How often did these disciples pray and fast? Why did they pray and fast before and after the selection of Barnabas and Saul? (Why is this so vital?)

2. Who set them apart for the work? Who sent them on their way? How does the Spirit’s initiative interact with the people’s listening and obeying?

3. Acts 13:6-8. Image the Prime Minister invites you to share the Gospel with him. How would you feel? What would you do if, while you are there, one of his top assistants opposes you?

4. In v6, his name was Bar-Jesus (son of Jesus).  But in v8, Luke gives his real name, Elymas (sorcerer).  Why did Luke mention these?  In v10 - 11, how did Paul know about Elymus (v9) and what will happen to him? 

5. What is the purpose of this event? (v12)


Do you know anyone like the proconsul—someone who is in need of the truth found in the gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you know anyone like Elymas—someone who openly opposes the gospel, or who tries to interfere with your sharing the gospel? How can you pray for them and speak the truth that they will understand? This was Paul first experience walking in the power of a Spirit-led life.  Will you let the Holy Spirit lead you so that others will hear the Gospel and believe in Jesus the Christ?

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