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MARCH 2022




Was there a time when someone gave you love and understanding when what you truly deserved was shame, despise and rejection? That is Grace at work.  The Prodigal witnessed this Grace at work first hand.  Is this your witness too?


READING LUKE 15:1-2, 11-32


1. V1-2, sets the scene for all the stories in the chapter. Contrast between Jesus and the Pharisees & teachers of the Law. Why were the Pharisees & teachers ‘disgusted’?  What was Jesus revealing?  What lesson can you apply to your own life concerning who you associate or befriend?  Why?

2. V11-12, what did the young son ask for? How does he ask? How did the father respond in verse 12b? How do you think the father felt? (What does it mean to ask for inheritance before the father’s death? - Feel the father’s emotions from this basis. Journal your thoughts)

3. V13-16 describes the young man’s adventures.  What words in that paragraph depicted that he is really a “sinner”? (Feeding pigs & eating with pigs: what does it tell us about sin & sinfulness?).  How does that reflect on your own life - your idea of sin & sinfulness and what it means to you? (Journal)

4. In v17-20, what words and phrases described the young man’s repentance? How would you describe what true repentance is?

5. V20 - 24. Describe the father - what he did, how he felt?   Did the son deserve such a wonderful welcome and why did the father welcome him like this? Contrast the father to the older brother (v25-30).  What is the difference? (It’s NOT fair!). 



Think again about the loving father. How does he show God’s grace? Put yourself in the son’s place. How does it feel to have the heavenly Father hugging you, enclosing you in his loving arms, even though you don’t deserve it? Put yourself too in the shoes of the older Brother.  Have you ever thought about God being unfair? (Read Matthew 20:1-16)

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