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JULY 2022




Paul’s journey as a witness for Jesus Christ was most exciting.  In Acts 14, he was deified (made a god), left for dead; and yet was still driven to bring the Gospel to the outer most part of the Earth.  



1. Acts 14:5-7. After Paul & Barnabas left Iconium, where did they go to? What did they do (v7)? (Compare what they did to bring the Gospel to the people and the evangelistic methods of today, with skits & drama & songs.  Is there a difference? How should we present the Gospel?)

2. Acts 14:8-10.  What problem did the man in Lystra have, and how long had he had it? How was he healed? (Do you remember a similar incident in the Bible?)  What has healing to do with presenting the Gospel?

3. Acts 14:11-17.  When the people of Lystra saw the miracles, they thought Barnabas and Paul were gods (Homework - Why did they give them the names ‘Zeus’ & ‘Hermes’?) What was Barnabas & Paul’s response (v15-17)?  What lesson can we learn about hero-worshipping preachers /pastors?

4. Acts 14:19-20.  Paul was stoned and left for dead when the Jews came and stirred the people.  What does that tell us about fickleness of man? What does it tell you about the price for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

5. Acts 14:21-25.  After the incident in Lystra, what did Paul & Barnabas do (list specifically what they did)?  What can we learn from these 2 servants of Jesus Christ? Lystra was mentioned again in v21.  Why do you think Dr Luke gave us this information?


Paul & Barnabas had such a great experience on their first mission journey.  We can learn from their zeal for the Good News of Salvation for the lost to the most difficult people and in the most difficult places.  Can you think of a most difficult person that Jesus wants to reach? And will you be the ‘Paul’ for him/her?

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