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APRIL 2022




A blind man receives the joy of newfound sight. This is too great a miracle to put a lid on. Over and over again, “did you hear Jesus healed the blind beggar?” Over and over again, the now full-of-sight man testifies of God’s goodness and leads others to praise God too. Think of that one time, you were so full of joy with something you received.  What did you do?


READING LUKE 15:1-2, 11-32


1. V35-38, why is the blind man so excited? What did he know about Jesus that made him react as he did?

2. V38-39, what does the blind man do to attract Jesus’ attention? Why are some members of the crowd angry with him? Why do you think the blind man continues to shout?

3. V40-42, the man’s condition was obvious.  Why did Jesus still ask, “what do you want me to do for you?”.  What has faith to do with healing*?

4. V43, what did he do as soon as he is healed by Jesus?

5. Why did the people around him rejoice and praise God?



Have you ever rejoiced and praised God just as this man did?  Did anyone rejoice and praise God with you? Why or why not?  What will it take for you to “walk & leap & praise God” (Acts 3:8)?


**The value of one’s faith does not come from the one who expresses it but from the object in which it rests (Mark 10:52; 11:22). Ultimately, healing is not contingent upon the quality of one’s faith, but upon the Healer. It was through Christ that the woman in Matthew 9 was able to receive a bodily peace as well as a spiritual peace.


Everyone whom Jesus willed to be healed was healed. Sometimes He healed those who expressed their faith in Him, and He made a point of emphasizing the condition of their heart: “Your faith has made you well.” Other times, in His great mercy, He healed those who had no faith and later drew them to Himself.

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