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JUNE 2022



In Acts 3:1-10, Peter and John have been instrumental in the healing of the lame man.   Thereafter they (1) spoke to the crowd, (2) were arrested by the Jewish leaders, & (3) set free to return to their group.  (Acts 3:11-4:31).  Let’s take lessons from their adventure of what it means to live in the Holy Spirit,  and to live as a community of Believers (Acts 4:32-37)

READING ACTS 3:11 - 4: 37


1. Acts 3:11 - 26.  What did Peter do with the crowd who had witnessed the miracle?  What did he also do when faced with opposition from the Jewish leaders (Acts 4:1-12)?  What does it tells us about opportunities to share the Gospel?  What does it take for each of us to share the Gospel?

2.  Acts 4:23 - 30.  After Peter and John had re-joined their group, what was the first thing they did?  Why it that so important? What do these descriptions of God mean to you personally?

3. V32-37 show us what a Christian community should be. What are some specific ways they lived out their “one heart and soul [or mind]“? What does this tell us about their priorities?

4. What words are used to describe the apostles’ witness (testimony) to the Lord Jesus?  From where is the source of their witness?

5. If you were on the outside looking in, what might be going through your mind as you observe these Christians interacting with each other and with others?


What does it mean to be “one in heart and soul”? Is Revival Centre Church “one in heart and soul”?  Journal your thoughts as to why we are, or are not.  What are some things you can do to strengthen your community life, so that it will bear witness to Christ Jesus? How can John 13:34-35 be made real in RCC?

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