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JULY 2022




Disagreements.  How do you handle them in the church? With each other?  Today’s lesson shows how Christians can work things out.



1. Acts 15:1-5. What problem came about and why did that require Paul & Barnabas to return to Jerusalem? What took place in Jerusalem?

2. Acts 15:6-19.  What do you think Peter is doing with his speech?  What are some biblical truths that he said that gives you assurance of your salvation?  What was the purpose Paul & Barnabas’ testimony about miracles among the Gentiles? 

3.  Acts 15:20-24.  What were the issues that the meeting addressed and how was did they inform the rest of the Church, especially the Gentiles, on the conclusion?   

4. Acts 15:35-39.  In v35, we see Paul & Barnabas still in partnership for the Gospel.  What happened in the following verses?  Why did Paul not want to have Mark along on the journey (Acts 13)? What difference in views did Paul and Barnabas have concerning Mark (v39)? 

5. Acts 15:39-41.  The disagreement resulted in Barnabas and Paul going their separate ways - Barnabas with Mark to Cyprus, and Paul with Silas to Syria & Cilicia. Do you think this is the best solution?  What do you think God’s view would be?


Think about how your church settle disputes.  Is it similar to what you read in Acts 15?  What is missing, or what is your church doing right? What about the time you disagreed with someone?  How did you handle it? What are some key points you learn about handling disagreements?

(Note: Read 2 Timothy 4:11 - why has Paul’s view of Mark changed?  Think about it.  Can your views about someone change over time? How can that happen?)

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