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JUNE 2022



Today’s lesson is the story of Stephen.  But it is also the story many who proclaim the Gospel, from the first century to today.  What cost are you prepared to pay to proclaim the Gospel to your family, friends and community?

READING ACTS 6:1 - 8:4


1. What words are used here to characterize Stephen in Acts 6:1-8? Contrast that with Stephen’s opponents in v 9-15.  Who would you like to identify with?

2. From v 7-10, what generated the opposition to anger and resort to deception?  What attitudes do you get when you share the Gospel with family, friends and people in your community?  (Are they opposed to your message or do they welcome it?). Why do you think they have such attitudes?

3. Acts 7:1-50 records Stephen’s defence against the charges of the Jewish ruling council, the Sanhedrin. What are some the main points of Stephen’s speech?

4. Acts 7:51-60. In what ways are Stephen’s opponents just like their ancestors (verses 51-52)? Why did Stephen’s opponents become so hostile? How does Stephen respond?  How would you respond to hostile response to the Gospel?

5. Read 8:1-4 & John 12:24. How did the purposes of Stephen’s persecutors contribute to the mission of the church (verse 4)? What does this say about God?


Do you see any evidence/s of hostility or suspicion or even unconcern toward the Gospel? How does your behaviour affect the credibility of your witness (both positively and negatively)? BIG Question - Have you been sharing the Gospel? 

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