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What is FAITH? What does faith in Jesus mean, in a practical sense?  Luke tells of Jesus’ encounter with a faith-full witness at Capernaum.





1. A centurion was part of the Roman occupation army in Israel, in charge of 100 men. How do the citizens of an occupied country usually feel about the occupying army? How is this centurion unusual? Why do you think he would ask for help from Jesus? Why would he involve elders of the Jews?

2. Why do you think there is a contrast between the elders’ view of the centurion (verse 4) and the centurion’s view of himself (verse 6)?

3. is the difference between the two requests the centurion made, in verse 3, and in verses 6 and 7? Why do you think made changes? How is he showing trust in Jesus in verse 7? How did Jesus respond to the centurion’s faith in him?

4. What is the difference between the authority of the centurion and Jesus’ authority (in terms of origin and extent) (verses 7 and 8).

5. In what way(s) did the centurion show faith in Jesus, throughout the passage? What does this true faith look like in this passage? How is it expressed?



In what ways we can show true, practical faith in Jesus’ care and authority? How can we demonstrate our trust? What can we trust in Him for this week? Start with ‘baby-steps’ each week to trust in Him.

Take a look back at the last weeks of study - how has your view of who Jesus is and what it means to have faith in him grown or changed?

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