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What does it mean to be FORGIVEN?  What precedes Forgiveness? How can we respond to God’s Forgiveness? Maybe the Forgiven Witness can show us.




1. From verses 36-39, describe the Woman - Who she is; What she did; What emotions she had.  What do you think she feels about herself? Why did she crash into this party, bring this expensive gift, and weep before Jesus?

2. In verses 39 - 40, how did Simon react to this woman? How does he feel about Jesus? How do you think he feels about himself? What might we learn here about approaching Jesus?

3. What is the point of Jesus’ story in verses 40-43? What is the significance of the creditor’s cancelling the debts? From verses 44-47, Jesus is making a contrast between Simon and the Woman. Who do you think is the worse sinner here, the woman or Simon? (Give deep thought to this question)

4. (Ref verse 47) What do you think characterizes the lives of those who are forgiven by Jesus? Do you see this in your life?

5. How do you think the woman felt in verse 50? How has she shown faith? According to the witness of this woman, what is true faith in Jesus? (Psalm 51:17)



What comes before Forgiveness?  The Forgiven Witness shows us - a broken spirit & a contrite (remorseful / ashamed) heart; to be so broken by the depth & breadth of our sins that only Jesus Christ, the Holy Sacrifice of God is the Answer.  This is where commitment and faith is found - deep repentance, love for Jesus, unabashed and almost wasteful commitment to him, and faith in him.  Are you in deep love with Jesus, living in unabashed commitment to him, and  abandoned faith in him, like this Forgiven Witness? If not, what is stopping you? (Could it be that we don’t see, or understand, or acknowledge the depth and breadth of our sins & sinfulness?) (Psalm 51:4; Romans 8:20-22;

Titus 1:15).

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