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MARCH 2022




You are keen on the upcoming mission trip.  But there are questions to ask: Why should you go? How should you prepare? What should be your message?

Jesus sent 72* Witnesses a mission - what can we learn from them?



Before you begin on Reflection, imagine you are one of the 72.  What are some of your thoughts before you set on your way? (Journal)



1. From verses 1-12, what was the mission of the 70 followers? What was their preparation, especially about provision? What is the lesson of ‘faith’ here?

2. In v5 - 9, Jesus told them what to do when welcomed, and in v10 - 16, what to do when rejected.  How would you apply this principle today? (Who were the people truly welcoming & rejecting?)

3. From v17-20, how did the 70 describe their mission experience? How did Jesus respond to their report? From v23, what was it that the 70 saw that was a blessing to them?  What did they witness?

4. From this account, what & who is to be the source of the disciples’ joy? Why? (v20 - 21)

5.  Why did Jesus say he was sending them out “like lambs in the midst of wolves” in v 3? Do you feel like a lamb in the midst of wolves? Why /why not?



Where / How is Jesus asking you to be His witness? What will it mean for you to respond to his call? Do you see the plentiful harvest? As a Christian, what are you rejoicing about?


*Some text says 70

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