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MAY 2022

16 MAY


The Teacher is leaving quickly for an urgent meeting that will take the whole afternoon.  He makes you take charge of the class. How will you do a good job?  What are some instructions you hope the Teacher would leave for you?  In today’s passage Jesus is preparing Witnesses, to carry on His work.  What can we, learn from Jesus’ Last Interaction with His followers in Luke’s Gospel?



1. V37-43.  What words described the thoughts of the Disciples when they saw Jesus ? Have you ever struggled to believe in something? (Journal)

2. What did Jesus do to help them believe? (And why did he do that?).  What does it take for you to truly believe in Jesus?

3. V44-47, what did Jesus want his followers to understand? How does he help them understand (v45)? “He opened up their minds…” (v45) - How does Jesus keep opening up our minds?  What other Bible verses refers to God dealing with our minds? (e.g. Romans 12:2)

4. V48-50. What is the ‘Job Description’ of a Disciple in the fulfilment of the Scriptures?  (Ref - Matthew 28:18-20).  What ‘Gifts’ did (and will) the Disciples receive to do the work entrusted to them? Do you believe He has given you these same ‘Gifts’?

5. In v52-53.  Why did the Disciples worship and why were they filled with so much joy? When was the last time you felt this way? Do you still feel this way today?


Like the first followers of Jesus, we are witnesses to the work He has done in our lives (most significantly on the Cross). From the passage today, we see a significant change in the Disciples.  Jesus took them through a ‘Change Process’ - [1] helping them believe Jesus is real; [2] helping them understand the Scriptures concerning Him; and [3] helping them respond in worshipful, joyful obedience or action.  HAS Jesus taken you through such a process?  DO you desire to let Jesus take you through such a process?  PRAY and ask Jesus to plant the seed of desire in your heart today, and to bring you to belief, understanding, and action.

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