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In-Person Worship Services

We Look Forward To Have You With Us

English Service 

Sundays 10.30 am - 11.45 am
Level 1 Sanctuary 


Sundays 10.30 am - 11,45 am 
星期日上午 10.30– 11.45

Level 3 Worship Hall 三楼敬拜礼堂

Teochew Service

Sundays 8.30am - 9.45am 
星期日上午 8.30– 9.45

Level 3 Worship Hall

Things to note for in-person gatherings


Keep your mask on at all times, even when singing.


Parking in church is open with immediate effect.


Seating is not restricted to zoning or social distancing.


Stay at home if you are not feeling well. Follow MOH instructions.

We look forward to meeting you in person!